Fishnet Ink (Inc)

Warning!-People in their underwear yelling obcenities

Fishnet Ink (Inc)

Fishnet  Ink (Inc) has been bringing the Rocky Horror Shadow Cast experience to  Hampton Roads since mid 1988. Didn’t get logo/name into print till  spring of 1989 but our roots go back into local RHPS history  as The Back Alley Cast


Warning! Warning! Warning!

Our show is not for the easily offended. There will be foul language, adult  topics, questionable humor, half dressed people, suggestive hand  gestures, public discipline, and  dry humping, it will be loud and it will be  offensive. 

Within  the confines of our show/performance we feel that a cringe is as good as  a laugh. If you can’t laugh about it then you will never get over it.  Any offensiveness is for a quick joke/comic relief and contains no  lasting negative feelings or hate. So just laugh and keep going.

Everyone is expected to do the Time Warp and you can do it in the aisle.

Our live show is Rated M…at least.

It’s  like primal therapy for movie goers where you get to yell, sing, throw  things, dance in the aisle and run around in your underwear. 

All the fun things you can’t do during a normal movie theater visit.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The  Rocky Horror Picture Show is the story of Brad and Janet a young  wholesome couple that has car trouble on a stormy night. They seek  refuge in a strange castle occupied by a mad scientist in lingerie whom  along with his questionable servants, some formally dressed party goers,  a half frozen biker, an ex Nazi, and a blonde Frankenstein type  creation named Rocky get them mixed up in some good old sex, drugs, and  rock n roll. It’s got music and lotsa laffs.The movie is Rated R.

Unfortunately  outside participation props are not permitted but at most of our shows  an event approved prop kit will be made avail for a $5 donation to your  favorite cast…Fishnet Ink.

Naro History

RHPS has been a tradition at the Naro since  Sept 1978.

Which makes it the 3rd longest running RHPS theater in the USA.

At the Naro we perform the 4th and 5th Fridays of every month.
 The 5th Fri shows are usually themed with costume contests and other surprises.

Naro Tickets

Naro Tickets are $10.00 at the door.

Tickets go on sale about 20 min before show time.
 Pre show fun starts at posted time and takes 15-20 mins, movie starts right after.
 You should be in line at least 30 min before show time or you might miss something.

Our Mission

To  present you with the tradition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show with  all its absurdity and irreverence. To yell obscenities and make new  friends. To give you a good time by giving you an exciting and fun show.  To yell obscenities and run around in our underwear (maybe with you).  To stay up later than most parents recommend. Oh and did I mention to  yell obscenities?

Please join us


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